namie amuro Final tour 2018 ~Finally~ in Asia- 潦布ㄆ兜そ
  EXOPLANET #4 The EℓyXiOn in Taipei- 睲布そ
  EXOPLANET #4 The EℓyXiOn in Taipei- 扳布そ
  SHINee CONCERT "SHINee World V" in TAIPEI- 扳布そ
   2017 Gong Yoo Live ¨Make a Wish〃 in Taipei - 扳布そ
  KYUHYUN SOLO CONCERT - Reminiscence of a novelist - in TAIPEI- 睲布そ
  ╤滁滁9453ǖ癹簍佰穦- 扳布そ
  2016 Leeteuk 1st Asia Tour [STAR ; Teuk] in TAIPEI- 睲布そ
  EXO PLANET …3 - The EXOˇrDIUM in TAIPEI布ㄩ盚癳硄
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